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Dive in Nature

Great choice even in rainy days! Dive in Nature

The Azores are group of active volcanic islands, and on São Miguel there are several examples of this activity, which can provide you unique moments of pleasure. There are thermal pools on different locations of the island, which are mandatory stops for nature lovers, as well as for those who want to feel the unique sensation of a warm outdoor bath.


Thermal bath in the sea - Ferraria
Discover the centenary gardens – Parque Terra Nostra
Relax in a mystical space - Poças da Dona Beija
Enjoy the exuberant nature – Natural monument of Caldeira Velha 

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Ponta da Ferraria / Furnas / Ribeira Grande / Povoação

Price & Duration


- Tip: check the low tide time and avoid days with big waves coming from south/southwest direction. | Free of charge and always open

Parque Terra Nostra

- Children until 2 years old is free of charge, Children from 3 until 10 years old = 4€, Adults = 8€ | Schedule: 10am to 6pm 

Monumento Natural da Caldeira Velha

- Visit only = 3€, Visit and bath = 8€ | Schedule: 9am to 8pm 

Poças da Dona Beija

- Children until 6 years old = 4€,Adults= 6€| Schedule: 7am to 11pm


- We recommend using dark color swimsuits due to the yellow/orange color of these waters.