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Dare to explore: 3 day itinerary

Dare to explore – 3 days itinerary

Day 1

Leave the resort in direction of the city of Ponta Delgada

- Travel to Covoada, stop at Pico do Carvão viewpoint where you can see the peaks region. From here it is possible to observe the narrowest part of the island between the north and south coast, with just 8km.

- Visit the Empadadas little lakes after passing the old aqueduct.

- Stop at Gruta do Inferno/Canário Lake viewpoint. Here you can follow a little trail that leads to one of the most iconic viewpoints of the island. From this point, it is possible to have a different perspective of the volcanic crater of Sete Cidades.

- Next stop – Vista do Rei (the King’s View). This is one of the most well-known viewpoints of the island; as the name indicates it was a viewpoint named for the last king of Portugal, with view of the blue and green lakes. At this viewpoint, you will find the Monte Palace hotel that was closed to the public in 1991 and then abandoned. Caution: this hotel is currently private property, although in ruins, and any visitors are warned that visits to the interior are considered dangerous.

- Go down in direction to parish of Sete Cidades. On the way down you will find 2 viewpoints, where you can stop (Cerrado das Freiras and Santiago lake).

- Cross the bridge between the lakes and stop close to the lakes. Optional: small detour to the tunnel on the side of the blue lake.

- Leave the parish in the direction of Várzea. Stop at Mosteiros, the western most part of the island. This is a fishing village, where you can see some natural ocean swimming pools and another the island's black sand beaches. Leave Mosteiros in direction of Ferraria*. On the way, stop at Escalvado viewpoint, where there is a view of Mosteiros (right side) and Ferraria (left side).

- Return to Ponta Delgada by the south coast. Optional Geoturism: visit Gruta do Carvão (volcanic cave) to see the underground geological formations (entrance fee).

- Stop in the capital. Here you can walk around the typical narrow roads in the city centre, observe the architecture of the old buildings, visit the local market or some of the gardens: António Borges, Palácio de Sant’Ana (entrance fee) and José do Canto (entrance fee).

- Visit the Azorean pineapple plantation in Fajã de Baixo.

- Cross São Roque and Milicias beaches in direction of the city of Lagoa. Optional: stop at the Vieira ceramic factory

Return to the resort.

Day 2

Leave the resort in direction to Fogo lake, following the road along the north flank. Detour from the main road to visit Salto do Cabrito waterfall.

- Return to the main road. Optional stop at Caldeira Velha*.

- Continue along the road main road to Fogo lake until you get to Fogo lake viewpoint. From here it is possible to see the best view over one of the most beautiful lakes of the island. On the road to the volcano's highest point there are several viewpoints where you can stop, with views over the lake and the north coast.

- After passing the Barrosa peak, start descending in the direction of the south coast of the island.

- Driving along the south coast in direction to Vila Franca do Campo, you can detour to Caloura, location of the most scenic natural pools

- Cross Água d’Alto beaches

- Stop in Vila Franca do Campo to enjoy the view over the village and the islet natural reserve (from Nossa Senhora da Paz viewpoint). Visit the emblematic pastry found in Vila Franca close to the marina.

- Leave the village in the direction of Furnas. You can detour towards Congro lake (and there follow the trail until you reach the lake).

- Continue to Furnas. Stop close to the lake where you can see the place where the traditional food is cooked underground using heat from the volcano. There are other attractions close to this lake: Grená park, José do Canto Garden or you can follow the trail around the lake (approximately 1H30).

- Descend into Furnas village. Stop at the thermal baths: Terra Nostra Park and Poça da Dona Beija*.

- Visit the hot springs and fumaroles where you can see evidences of the volcanic activity on the island. Optional: visit the Bolo Levedo (sweet bread) factory and Furnense cheese factory.

- Leave Furnas from the north coast. Stop at Pico do Ferro viewpoint, where you can see a different perspective of the Furnas volcanic crater.

- On the way to Ribeira Grande, stop at the oldest tea factory in Europe (Gorreana), to visit the plantation and taste the tea. You can detour to São Brás lake before stopping in Ribeira Grande to visit the city. In the central square you can visit the garden of paradise, where the stream that gives the name to the city runs to the ocean and the Nine Arches bridge. Optional: visit the liquor factory (Mulher do Capote). Geological landmark: fountain buried by the volcanic eruption of 1563 (ribeira seca).

Return to resort

Day 3

Leave the resort towards the northeast, towards Nordeste. Stop at Santa Iria viewpoint to check the coastline. Possible detour to Moinhos beach in Porto Formoso.

- Cross Salga village and stop at Salto da Farinha, a 40 meter high waterfall. Before you arrive in Nordeste village, stop at Ribeira dos Caldeiroes natural park (free entrance). This is a park with an exotic look, where you can find a small trail along the stream to see several waterfall and old watermills.

- Continue to Nordeste village. Here you can stop and visit the central square.

- After leaving the village towards the southeast of the island, there are sevral viewpoints where it is possible to observe the high cliffs along the coast. Vigia dos Barcos/Farol do Arnel, Ponta do Sossego and Ponta da Madrugada.

- For those who like hiking trails, detour to Faial da Terra, where you can hike a 5km trail through the luxuriant vegetation until you reach Salto do Prego waterfall.

- Return to the main road and continue to Povoação. Stop at the village and visit the island's first settlement. Leave the village towards Salto do Cavalo viewpoint, where you can have a panoramic view over the Furnas and Povoação volcanic craters.

Return to resort by the north coast