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The Resort

Resort A dream come true: open since the 1st of June 2015

It all started in 2015: planted right on top of Santa Bárbara beach, the first eco-beach resort in the Azores was opened. A project that was not just another hotel, but the realization of an old dream of João Reis, a businessman and a surfer who loved São Miguel, the island that today serves as the address for SANTA BÁRBARA.

The starting point was a passion for the black sand beach, which contrasts almost magically with the blue of the ocean and the various shades of green in the mountains that serve its backdrop. However, there are many other forces came together in this common dream: the passion for the art of hospitality, for nature, for the sea and, above all, for the Azores. Maximum respect for the land of São Miguel and its unique characteristics led João Reis to think from scratch about 3a resort that could be integrated into the environment that surrounded it, in a perfect symbiosis. It is therefore not surprising that the materials used, the architecture and the framing of the landscape were the three main concerns of the project.

The result is a resort where you can breathe in the island to its fullest, with a total of 30 Villas & Studios that provide stays in perfect harmony with nature.